Active French in the Alps

French tuition

Active French in the Alps offers you French tuition programmes that are specially tailored to meet your needs all year round. We are all native French teachers who have lived abroad part of our lives (England and Canada) and adapt our methods to suit anyone aged 16 and up, at any level from complete beginner to advanced.
Students are advised to contact us in advance to let us know their teaching requirements, objectives, strengths and weaknesses. In this way, we have an idea of what needs to be prepared for the lessons.
At the first meeting, their ability is assessed accurately and we then set up a programme that suits their needs, whether these are for speaking, reading and/or witing, and for different situations, such as conversation, exam preparation, general business or any other use that you wish.

There are 2 packages available as follows:

15 hours of tuition per week
20 hours of tuition per week

The tuition is provided by experienced French teachers who will monitor your progress and adapt the programme if necessary, as you progress through the course. We offer a flexible approach and are happy to extend your stay if you wish, subject to availability.
Preparation for exams such as the French GCSE, A1, A2, Common Entrance or business exams (18 years teaching experience in the UK).
To make this "French experience" really worthwhile, we believe that full immersion is essential, sticking to French as much as possible during the day and taking part in the French way of life . This is why we prefer to have one student at a time (two at the most) . We concentrate our teaching on the student's needs and requirements and on their capacity to express themseves in their daily activities as much as possible. The best way to combine work and pleasure!

         We will do our best to ensure that your needs are met and that you are inspired to living and learning French!